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Renunţă la zecile de aplicaţii de food delivery de pe smartphone: cu una singură comanzi din mai multe restaurante

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Aplicaţiile mobile au intrat într-o nouă fază de dezvoltare: platforme mobile care permit cumularea ofertelor mai multor jucători din piaţă. Oliviera este prima platformă mobile care reuneşte ofertele celor mai renumite restaurante cu livrare la domiciliu din Bucureşti.


Cum funcţionează? Utilizatorii descarcă gratuit aplicaţia pe iOS sau Android, îşi creează un cont şi pot comanda de la oricare dintre restaurantele partenere. Comenzile sunt păstrate într-un istoric, permiţând astfel repetarea rapidă a unei comenzi din aplicaţie. Există şi o categorie Favorite, unde se pot salva meniurile preferate. Avantajele de a comanda prin intermediul unei astfel de aplicaţii sunt multiple: localizare rapidă, listare în funcţie de proximitate şi de disponibilitatea restaurantului de a livra pe zona respectivă, notificare când comanda intră în producţie prin Push Notifications, odată cu furnizarea timpului real de livrare.
Pentru început se pot comanda diverse tipuri de preparate: pizza (Jerry's Pizza, Pizzicato), mâncare indiană (Karishma), mâncare chinezească (Wu Xing), mexicană (El Torito) şi dulciuri (
Oliviera se poate descărca gratuit de la următoarele link-uri: - Descarcă gratuit din App Store - Descarcă gratuit din Google Play

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December 2012 - JANUARY 2013

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All telephone numbers are in area code 021, unless noted.

Like all cities, Bucharest too has dangerous spots; however, it is considered a safe city in European terms. The city center is usually safe, but at night be careful in parks and peripheral areas. Emergency Police number: 955; General Emergency number (for Police, Ambulance & Fire Department): 112.


Health Services
Dial 9611 for the ambulance public non-stop service. There are also private ambulance services: dial for Puls 9737 or 243-1333, for Doris 978 or 335-5065, for SOS Medical and Ambulance Services 9761 or 0722-333-000, for Village Medical Clinic Ambulance 0723-343-219.

Private Clinics & Emergency Hospitals
Biomedica International
42 Eminescu St., Ph. 230-8001

Emergency Clinic Hospital
8, Calea Floreasca, Ph. 317-0171; 317-0121

Medico Clinique
9, Visarion St., Ph. 650-7060, 315-5426 / 27

Medicover Medical Centre
96, Calea Plevnei, Ph. 310-4410

Ophthalmology Emergency Clinic Hospital
1, Piata Lahovari, Ph. 319-2753

Unirea Medical Center
57, Unirii Blvd, Ph. 327-1188
2, Staicovici St, Opera Center.
Ph 412-0110
12, G Enescu St,
Ph. 316-5876/77/78

Non-Stop Pharmacies
There is no problem with finding a pharmacy in your neighborhood, no matter where you are in Bucharest. Here are some pharmacies with nonstop service:

Farmacia Verde
15, Calea Dorobantilor, Ph. 230-1451

65, Calea Dorobantlor, Ph. 211-1127

19, N Titulescu Blvd, Ph. 0744-650-078

34, I.C. Bratianu Blvd, Ph. 315-2309

Alpha Dent Company
300, Calea Calarasilor St., Ph. 321-3099

10-22, Piata Amzei, Ph. 312-3752

4, Varsovia St, Ph. 230-2608

Dent Estet Dental Clinic
7, G Alexandrescu St, Ph. 0723-602-020

Public transportation
Relatively safe and efficient, Bucharest’s public transport system covers the entire city with buses, tramways, trolleys and metro (subway) services, operating from 5 a.m. to midnight. Tickets and magnetic cards can be bought at RATB kiosks, located on the main thoroughfares in the city, for ground transportation, and in every Metro station for the underground network.
Bus, Tram, Trolleys – RON 1,10 per ticket, RON 5,00 for one-day pass, RON 40,00 for a monthly pass. EXPRESS buses use a magnetic card.
Metro – RON 2,00 for two-fare pass, RON 6,50 for ten-fare pass, RON 20,00 for one month pass.

November 2012

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Autumn’s Newest Wine

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This warm October, arrived after a real summer hot September, changes the annual plans that we used to have for many years. Seldom such a year, atypical, experts say, but more and more often we say. Should we put it on the global warming? ... The fact is that if we understood the parents angry that the start of the school was postponed a week ruining their holiday plans - they could leave two weeks in September, which would have meant significant savings in their budget, I understand now also the winemakers.

Dedicating these lines to the wine, the supreme food, the blood of Christ ...

I understand the vine cultivators, be they large or small. Th is year messed up their economic plans. Experts agree, unanimously, that 2012 will be an exceptional year for wine, but the summer heat drastically reduced the production! In many places, up to 50%! Quality versus quantity! For a long time we discuss about, tilting towards quality, but we don’t accept such a reduced quantity! Th e fact is, I give you a tip now, if you want a safe investment, and you have a large basement, buy wine from the 2012 production!

At one point could be worth as gold! If you have no basement, enjoy the moment and drink (with your own measure and then take a taxi!), a much as you can!
Here they are the surprises. If in other years we’ve been harvesting grapes at the beginning of October, now we already taste the fi rst wine of the year! Specialists from
Cotnari, who step by step climb back where they used to be, in the top of the national rankings, are the fi rst, releasing the Francusa 2012.

They invested heart and issued the first “yellow” of the 2012 autumn, organizing a real event for this launch. Th e Cotnari hills hosted Moldavia bards singing Romanian traditional songs, but also “imported” from other traditional Romanian regions. All of them sang also about the wine, who cheered on the Romanians (but not only!) over millennium.

A prominent professor told us that only advanced archaic civilizations produced and consumed wine! I sincerely believe him, but in this case it’s once again confirmed
that the Dacian’s civilization was so advanced that, at one time, it banned wine consumption, to let other archaic civilizations to catch them up...

Back to wine again I’m expecting with the same interest also Faleschini’s Autumn Flower, and many wine festivals scheduled in wine regions, of which the one in Focsani
seems to stand out. It is enjoyment’s time, although drought has devastated many fields, and we almost turn the harvest fest into a wine festival...

I almost forgot, just in a few days Bucharest will host the second National Romanian Wine Fair - Vintest. On 12-14 October, the downtown Sala Palatului hosts the
Romanian wine industry united in one of the most elevated events dedicated to wine.

Singer, another song! Waiter, another bottle!


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