As part of its status as a full European Union country-member, Romania nominated one of the high commissioners of the EU executive body, the European Commission. Leonard Orban, former Romanian Governmen's Chief Negotiator with the EU, was finally nominated and accepted by the President of the Commission, after Romania's first nominee, Varujan Vosganian, renounced  to candidate. 

During this month, Romania's nomination for the EU commissioner position will be confirmed in Brussels, by  European Union officials, marking once again Romania's accession to the Union, as of January 1st 2007. If confirmed, Orban will manage the Multilinguism portfolio of the Commission.

The 16th edition of the traditional autumn Bucharest Theatre Festival will start this November 4th, and will bring together local and international directors, drama productions, one-man/woman shows and dance representations. Famous Romanian born director Andrei Serban, one of the New York Metropolitan Theatre stars, will be also present with one of his productions, along with other top actors, play writers, directors, for a twelve-day celebration of the thespian art.

One of the key factors relevant for the economic development is the average wages level. According the a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers PayWell 2006 study, the gross average monthly salary earned in big corporations operating in Bucharest reaches 2,632 RON (approx. 752 Euro), one thousand RON more than if you would work in a company located elsewhere in the country, where the gross monthly average wage goes up to 1,674 RON (approx. 480 Euro).

With the winter holidays coming, it is never too soon to prepare the perfect ski escapade in what some like to call their “little Switzerland” - the Carpathian Mountains. Though snow might not yet be present on all the Carpathian slopes, some of them have artificial snow blowers that can successfully fight against the weather’s moods.